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Our New Name

Welcome to Shoreham Bank

We opened our doors in 1959, serving the community of Rhode Island as a mortgage lender under the name Home Loan & Investment Association.

As the tides have come and gone, our customers, our business partners, and our company have grown significantly. With our product offerings reaching far beyond just mortgages, our name no longer reflects the products we offer to our community.

On March 15th 2024, we officially changed our name from Home Loan Investment Bank, fsb. to Shoreham Bank.

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What to Expect...

In the upcoming weeks and months, new materials including flyers, rate sheets, and more will be made available to our customers at our loan offices and retail branches. 

As we finalize this transition, we will notify all customers of updates in relation to Shoreham Bank Debit Cards and Checks. 

Common Questions about our New Name.

As we have been in business for over 60 years, the communities and customers we have served have grown and so have we. Since opening our doors in 1959 as Home Loan and Investment Association, we have expanded our product offerings. Now that we offer more than just Home Loans, we wanted a name that reflects that. 
Simply put, No. Shoreham Bank is in great financial health, and stronger than ever. The decision to change the name was solely based on our expanded product offerings. 
No, Shoreham Bank was not bought out, and did not merge with any other bank. In addition, our Leadership Team and Board of Directors remains the same.
Yes, you can still use your Home Loan Investment Bank Checks until they run out. They will still work and we will alert all account holders when they can order Shoreham Bank Checks.
Yes, you can still use your Home Loan Investment Bank Debit Cards. We will alert all account holders on the process of receiving your new Shoreham Debit Cards.
No, the routing number remains the same.
Yes, we are still an FDIC insured bank and an Equal Housing Opportunity Lender.

Do you have specific questions about our New Name?

Let us know and someone will reach out to you!