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FHA Title 1 Loans

FHA Title 1 Loan

Looking to Renovate your home, make repairs, or build an outdoor structure but have no equity in your home? Our FHA Title 1 Loan1 is a great option for you! Most projects and property types qualify!

What is a FHA Title 1 Loan?

The FHA Title 1 Loan is specifically allocated toward home improvement projects. A FHA Title I Loan is a fixed rate loan of up to $25,000 for a single family home, and up to $12,000 per unit2. All FHA Title I Loans are insured by the Federal Housing Association (FHA) and are backed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Title I loans do not require a down payment or any home equity.

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Why Shoreham Bank?

Our Loan officers are dedicated to making your dream home a reality! We are a nationwide lender of the FHA Title 1 Loan and are ready to assist you through the process of improving your home. Get started today by contacting one of our Loan Officers!

Need More Funding?

Advantage Loan

Need a larger project financed? Use the Advantage loan in Conjunction with the FHA Title 1 Loan!
Project Specific Advantage Loan

Need a Pole Barn, Metal Building, or Garage? Add the Project Specific Advantage Loan in conjunction with the FHA Title 1 Loan to cover the costs!

Get in touch with one of our experienced loan officers today to see if our FHA Title 1 loans are right for you!


1. New residential structures must have been completed and occupied for a minimum of 90 days. Subject to credit approval.
2. $12,000 Per unit, up to 5 units for a multi-family home.