Customer Service Center

Important Phone Numbers

Do you have a specific question regarding any of our products or services? There may be a direct number to call to have your questions answered. 
Our Customer Service representatives are available:

  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

Contact Us
  • Phone: (800) 223-1700
For questions or information regarding existing loans, contact the number below:

  • Loan Servicing: (800) 223-1700 ext. 230
For questions about our Dealer Programs, Refinancing, or any auto related information, contact the number below:

  • Auto Lending: 
For information regarding Mortgages, Home Equity Loans, or Home Improvement, call the number below and speak to a licensed professional:

  • Mortgage Lending: (800) 223-1700 ext. 295
  • Title 1 Lending: (800) 223-1700 ext.220
For brokers and small businesses - call the number below to see how our commercial lending services can help you:

  • Ocean Captial: (123) 999-0000
For questions regarding Checking, Savings, and CD Accounts, seek the number below:

  • Retail Banking Services: 401-732-1991
For resetting a pin number, balance inquiry, or security services, call the number below:

  • Card Servicing: 888-500-6025

For additional questions and inquiries, please fill out this secure email form below.