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We aim to make your business borrowing experience as convenient as possible. Please enter some basic information below to get started today! If you have questions, please call us at 401-773-9509 or contact us today. Upon completion, a bank representative will reach out to discuss the information provided.
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Credit Check Authorization

During your loan application process, this institution performs a Credit Check that requires us to obtain and confirm information regarding your personal and financial background. This Credit Check includes, but is not limited to, your marital status, number of dependents, current and past employers, current deposit accounts, current and past consumer credit accounts, and your mortgage and/or rental history.

Patriot Act Agreement

In accordance with Federal regulations set forth in the USA Patriot Act, this institution is required to verify the identity of any person applying for a loan to the extent reasonable and practicable, and maintain records of the information used to verify their identity. During your mortgage loan application process, we will require your name, current and past home addresses, date of birth, and other identifying information about you.

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